Release notes 7.2.1

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SuiteCRM 7.2.1 addresses many major and minor bugs from the SuiteCRM 7.2 release.

Note: SuiteCRM 7.2.x requires PHP 5.3+(5.3 or newer).

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed - GitHub issue #159 workflow number formatting issues
  • Fixed - GitHub issue #158 - Currency Formatting Issue when Creating Opportunities from Quotes
  • Fixed - GitHub issue #157 MsSQL compatibility issues
  • Fixed - GitHub issue #156 invalid 'email' column when searching
  • Fixed - GitHub issue #155 missing Project Task dropdown definition
  • Fixed - GitHub issue #154 Product Category - Parent Category on list view
  • Fixed - GitHub issue #153 - Forgotten Password Link
  • Fixed - GitHub issue #149 - Collapsing Studio sidepanels
  • Fixed - GitHub issue #147 Fatal Error when AOP function redeclared
  • Fixed - GitHub issue #142 - Issues with colour picker
  • Fixed - GitHub issue #141 Next/Previous navigation on Calendar Broken
  • Fixed - GitHub issue #140 Issue with custom currency field in reports
  • Fixed - GitHub issue #138 Theme colour changes only save pressing 'Enter'
  • Fixed - GitHub issue #135 disabled themes can still be used if users current theme
  • Fixed - GitHub issue #133 Calendar Shared view Items not showing correctly
  • Merged currency fix
  • Updated PHP version check to check for php 5.3+
  • Fix for search placeholder language and value default.
  • Removed old colour selector from install
  • Fix for detail view on mobile to make it more optimal.*Fix for colour picker default values in SuiteR theme, as some values were incorrect.
  • Removing un-required bootstrap-theme.css,, bootstrap-theme.min.css, bootstrap.css, and Cal.css files from themes/Su$
  • Reverting Calendar change as is it causes a bug when navigating to calendar from another module.
  • Icons now output directly to the page so they can pickup on the page styles and do not need to load the css for each icon.
  • Moved calendar screensize check to cal.js so it only loads on the calendar module.