Release notes 7.2.0

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SuiteCRM 7.2.0 is the new production release of SuiteCRM. Packed with new features, functionality and bug-fixes.

New Additions

  • Responsive theme.
  • Image Field - New image field type, allowing adding of image fields via Studio.

Major Enhancements

AOP 2.0

  • Add attachments to the case update thread within SuiteCRM.
  • Better HTML Support.
  • More Configuration Options.
  • Re-open Cases from client email update (Configurable).
  • Multiple inbound email box set up, allowing assignment of created cases to multiple users.
  • Further enhancements to cases.
  • Bug fixes.


  • Multiple module relationships.
  • In-module and dashlet charts.
  • Page/column totals.
  • UI improvements.
  • Bug fixes


  • Gantt Charts added to Projects.
  • Resource Management added to Projects.
  • Project Templates added to Projects.

Thank you to the Community for your feedback, testing and bug reporting.