Release notes 7.1.6

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SuiteCRM 7.1.6 features many bug fixes for AOW, AOS and Reschedule.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed - GitHub issue#159 workflow number formatting issues
  • Fixed - GitHub issue #158 - Currency Formatting Issue when Creating Opportunities from Quotes
  • Fixed - GitHub issue #157 MsSQL compatibility issues
  • Fixed - GitHub issue #140 Issue with custom currency field in reports
  • Fixed - GitHub issue #133 Calender Shared view items not showing correctly
  • Fixed - GitHub issue #124 AOW Modify Record uses string instead of bool.
  • Fixed - GitHub issue #122 Adding / removing tabs(contributed by Egarretsen).
  • Fixed - GitHub issue #117 Line Items cannot be edited.
  • Fixed - GitHub issue #102 Reschedule dropdown list in AOW.
  • Fixed - GitHub issue #85 Contact delete lines issue.
  • Fixed - AOW using wrong table name in condition values when working with a related module.
  • Fixed - Prevent unnecessary items showing in recently viewed.
  • Fixed - AOS_Line_Item_groups relationships bugs to Invoices, Quotes and Contracts.
  • Fixed - Allow overriding a workflow action with one in the custom folder.
  • Fixed - Spanish language bug in include/language/es_es.notify_template.html(contributed by arraintxo).

Thank you to Egarretsen and arraintxo for their bugfix contributions and to the Community who tested and highlighted issues.