Release notes 7.1.5

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SuiteCRM 7.1.5 features many bug fixes and addresses important security issues.

SugarCRM version updated to 6.5.20

This update addresses some important Security issues, further details can be found here

Bug Fixes

  • Dynamic Dropdown doesn't load correctly when using Ajax
  • Blank password issue when sending test outbound email
  • JotPad issue with & symbol
  • Free/Busy cal showing tasks in error
  • db_port configuration option is ignored
  • JavaScript conflict with connectors and the SuiteCRM 7 theme
  • Regex issue with jsCharts.js when using php 5.5.
  • Fix for reply to all on email not picking up CC addresses.


  • Trigger user email update even if contact is unknown.
  • Fixed Localisation issue in case updates.


  • Fix multienums not being indexed correctly.


  • Added missing .pdf extension on reports.


  • FIXED trying to send email to empty email address.


  • Fixed bug saving line items save incorrectly, when pressing return on the line

Thanks to skrrp, Reza, Rick.Timmis, r3code