Release notes 7.1.3

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SuiteCRM 7.1.3 features many bug fixes which address bugs in previous SuiteCRM releases.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed "main menu (Tab All) not with 2 column layout" (Courtesy of pcaesar)
  • Fixed Russian language file in Security Suite
  • Fix bug in AOD which could cause errors when trying to load certain modules.
  • Prevent AOD creating multiple indexes caused by security suite preventing access to the index.
  • Shortcut return when attemping to index on the save of AOD_Index
  • AOD now respects security groups when displaying results
  • Fix undefined index in AOD.
  • Add Print PDF option to contracts
  • Set quote/invoice numbers when records are created with an existing id.
  • Ensure that the contact in a contract is populated when converting.
  • Fix Workflow not sending emails on initial save.
  • Use UTC dates in Workflow to prevent incorrect date calculations
  • Fixed parsing relationships for email templates in workflow
  • Fixed "one of" not working with multiselect fields in workflow.
  • Prevent duplicate sugar feed entries being created by the portal
  • Fixed checks in FP_Events which would cause code to unnecessarily run.
  • Fix bug where using the select this page button for delegates would only appear to do so.