Release notes 7.1.2

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Important Upgrades

Upgraded Sugar to 6.5.17

SugarCRM have not released an official list of fixes, but thanks to Matthew Poer we have been able to list some fixes between SugarCRM 6.5.16 and 6.5.17:

  • When sending an email, the Asynchronous request is sent via POST instead of GET.
  • Module loader's security scanner now blocks simplexml_load_file and simplexml_load_string.
  • The RSS dashlet replaces a function that once used simplexml_load_file with a new set of commands that replicate the functionality, but more (I presume) more securely.
  • Quick Search can no longer be configured to search against users.user_hash (the user passwords).
  • Minor bugfix in modules/Users/controller.php, a new save function to help it support a different server environment.
  • Modules/Users/Save.php adjusted to further ensure that non-admins cannot adjust settings for other users.

Note: 6.5.17 introduces an important security patch.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed IE11 detected as Mozilla browser
  • Fixed MSSQL vardef compatibility issues
  • Fixed history filters search conflicts with meetings search
  • Fixed Contact not populated in Contracts
  • Fixed install issues
  • Fixed Contracts print pdf missing
  • Fixed issue where workflow may cause errors while saving a record
  • Facebook/twiter fixes
  • Optimised Calendar query
  • Fixed footer response time text.
  • Fixed twitter/facebook connector defaults
  • Fixed Bugs admin panel is missing
  • Fixed AOD doesn't add default config entry on install
  • Fixed missing language strings on after install
  • Fixed QuickCRM didn’t work with Russian language and adds support for dynamicenum
  • Fixed invalid query when using relate fields in AOR
  • Fixed My Activity Stream pagination issues
  • Fixed My Activity Stream doesn't show in Add Dashlets
  • AOD Don't use the stored index since this may be closed.
  • AOD Update index on delete and restore.
  • Fixed AOD bug in removing indexed records causing duplicates. Add UTF8 support. Add support for indexing numbers. Add boosts on various modules and fields.
  • Fixed AOD bug caused by deleted beans appearing in search results.
  • Restored meetings searchdefs.php
  • Fixed Documents generated query errors
  • Fixed AOD install issue on MSSQL
  • Fixed issue where the export query would fail with a search on a related object
  • Fixed YUI Loader Calender dashlet issue
  • Fixed blank date wrongly formatted in WorkFlow when running on save
  • Fixed Issue where WorkFlow would duplicated line items in AOS
  • Fixed attachments from email templates don't appear when using workflow
  • Fixed Issue where line items would generate incorrectly in the pdf when only one item displayed in the line
  • Fixed bug "could not redeclare class in twitter connector"
  • Fixed Issue when modify record that has new_with_id set to true causes it to fail
  • Fixed Issue where workflow may fail on custom fields
  • QuickCRM : Fix bug with web app
  • Fixed in AOW lang. strings
  • Fixed Missing Reschedule Language strings
  • Fixed renamed reschedule field 'call', causing reserved keyword issue in query
  • Upgraded Security Suite to version 2.7.4