Release notes 7.1.1

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Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed bug where 'on save workflow' fails on access rights
  2. Removed invalid file causing opportunities save to fail
  3. Removed invalid file causing contacts save to fail and PDF generation to fail
  4. Fixed missing drop-downs from Workflow
  5. Fixed Products URL Field limit input to 25 characters
  6. Fixed sending email to related field in workflow fails
  7. Fixed issue on windows fields of type 'int' don't appear on the PDF
  8. Fixed issue in opportunities dashlet shows amount_us field instead of amount
  9. A temporary fix was added to allow workflow with new line in a textarea field to load in the create/modify record action
  10. Fixed SugarOAuthServer doesn't actually allow requestTokens to be created


Thank you to all contributors to the SuiteCRM 7.1.1 release. Contributors are as follows( as source):

  • jamesryanalexander