Release notes 7.1.0

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New Additions

  1. Advanced OpenWorkflow 2.0
  2. Advanced OpenDiscovery 1.0
  3. Dashboard tabs
  4. Social Media Connectors(Facebook and Twitter)
  5. History sub-panel filters
  6. Group tabs
  7. Theme colour picker
  8. Case update thread improvements

Bug Fixes

  1. Updated Russian language pack
  2. Currency conversion added to Advanced OpenReports
  3. Ability to drag dashlet to right when no dashlets in right column of homepage
  4. Bugs fixes and updates in QuickCRM mobile application
  5. Removed un-necessary semi-colon
  6. Updated Advanced OpenPortal 1.1.1
  7. MSSQL issues when sorting resolved in Advanced OpenReports
  8. Fixed case feeds for dynamic drop down
  9. Fixed reschedule issue with MSSQL
  10. Updated outgoing emails from AOP/AOE so they appear as sent, not archived
  11. Added default currency to all AOS currency fields
  12. Removed SugarCRM LTS logic hook
  13. Updated HTML Purifier from 4.3.0 to 4.6.0
  14. Updated TinyMCE updated to 3.5.10
  15. Fixed issue with Generate PDF service lines
  16. Numerous warnings and notices removed


Thank you to all contributors to the SuiteCRM 7.1.0 release. Contributors are as follows( as source):

  • likhobory
  • klou
  • bluquet