Release notes 7.0.2

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New Additions

  1. Added Spanish Translation
  2. Added Russian Translation
  3. Added Upgrade safe way to extend line_items.js

Bug Fixes

  1. Updated jjw_maps to v2.1.18
  2. Fixed bug where scheduler extensions would not be picked up
  3. Fixed incorrect query in Events response entrypoint
  4. Fixed issue where case would default to closed
  5. Fixed sort by issue in Reports
  6. Fixed Reports js issues
  7. Fixed invalid field name 'function' in reports for mssql
  8. Fixed embedded email image bug
  9. Fixed date issues in Workflow
  10. Fixed Issues where a different group/decimal separator caused calculation issues in line items
  11. Fixed wrong field name billing account in quotes/invoices dashlet search defs
  12. Fixed Undefined variable ajax issue
  13. Fixed issue with js var module_sugar_grp1 and AJAX
  14. Fixed Add Dashlets option Doesn't display when Home is renamed
  15. Fixed Install AOP Query for MSSQL
  16. Fixed PDF Query for MSSQL
  17. Several CSS fixes
  18. Several Languages fixes


Thank you to all contributors to the SuiteCRM 7.0.2 release. Contributors are as follows( as source):

  • gpedic
  • likhobory
  • jorgeobeaga - Disytel openConsulting