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Where can I find the Contributor Agreement?

You can find the contributor agreement here

Please read, print, sign, scan and email the contributor agreement to the address outlined in the document.

What is the Contributor Agreement?

The Contributor Agreement is a document which outlines the license agreement between you(the developer) and us(SalesAgility) for any contributions made to the SuiteCRM project.

Why do I need to sign it?

We want SuiteCRM to be the biggest, best, long-term open source CRM project available globally, so we need to protect the project:-

  • The Contributor Agreement protects the project and deflects action to the contributor.
  • This means that any legal action for any contributions made to the project are against Contributor and not Project.
  • The Contributor Agreement needs to be signed only once for all pull requests and contributions in relation to the SuiteCRM project.

What next?

Once you have signed, scanned and emailed the contributor agreement to the SuiteCRM team, we will consider your pull request/development/contribution for inclusion in the SuiteCRM project.

You will be notified by email if your pull request/contribution is accepted and included in the SuiteCRM project.