SuiteCRM 7.9.9 Security & Maintenance Patch released

SalesAgility, the driving force behind SuiteCRM, is excited to announce a new release of SuiteCRM, version 7.9.9. This is a Security & Maintenance Patch release, solving a security issue and over 60 bugs.

The latest release include new functionality, such as importing of Project Templates, writing of links to websites urls without http:// and a lot of bug fixes. Please check the full SuiteCRM 7.9.9 release notes for more detailed information. At the same time SuiteCRM 7.8.10 (LTS) has been released. This LTS release has a similar set of fixed issues, and details can be found in the SuiteCRM 7.8.10 (LTS) release notes.

With over 800,000 downloads, SuiteCRM is one of world’s most popular CRM applications. SuiteCRM is open source, and provides you with all the modules you need to helps increase sales, improve customer care and streamline business operations. You can run the fully featured SuiteCRM on-premise or on your cloud of choice, enabling you to stay in full control over your own data, and SuiteCRM the best choice for any business, enterprise and organisation. Please visit the download page to download the latest edition of SuiteCRM or check out the online demo.


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Highlights from 2017

As its getting into holiday season here at SalesAgility and 2017 is coming to an end. We wanted to take this time to reflect on what a year it has been and show a sneak peek at some of the exciting new projects that are in our 2018 pipeline.


We reached over 800,000 downloads, making SuiteCRM one of world’s most popular CRM applications. Read that again. "One of the world's most popular CRM applications" - regardless of it being open source.

- Community growth:

The community grew to over 82,000 users!

- Translations:

SuiteCRM is now available in more languages then ever before. At the moment the project is being translated in over 50 languages, and a third of them are at 97% or higher completion rate.

- Launch of SuiteASSURED:

The most exciting news since we launched the first version of SuiteCRM! SuiteASSURED is a discrete build of SuiteCRM created to provide surety to enterprise-class customers and other large organisations installing, customising and driving value from the open source SuiteCRM software application.

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SuiteCRM – the first four years

Ideally this would have been published a couple of months ago at the actual four year anniversary (October) of the release of SuiteCRM. We were so focused on customer projects and the development of the SuiteCRM 7.10 release, that the date passed. We forgot to celebrate it either internally or with the community that engages with the project.

SuiteCRM has an obvious connection with SugarCRM. Between 2004 and 2013 SugarCRM were one of the hottest tech tickets in town. Today, they're largely irrelevant. We don't find them on bid/candidate technology lists very often. They don't get mentioned in sales conversations. We encounter them mostly when their customers approach us to migrate to SuiteCRM. However, it's impossible to write this article without reference to them.

My personal history goes back to the earliest versions of SugarCRM in 2004. In those days, their website contained the following inspiring statement:

“When you build a commercial grade CRM application based on the combined ideas and resources from CRM developers across the globe, you simply produce a better, more revolutionary product than any proprietary software or hosting company can think-up and build on its own. We believe the SugarCRM open source business model is far more efficient than the classic approach to building propriety CRM software. We do not believe in the notion of hiding access to code in order to lock-in customers.”

We could write that same statement today. Replace SugarCRM with SuiteCRM and it works. It encapsulates the things that are great and good about open source. It embraces the open source development model. It embraces the community of users and developers that surround any great open source project. It represents the SuiteCRM values .

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Why Venture Capital is sweet on SuiteCRM


We've been doing a lot of work over the last two years with Venture Capital. We're equipping VC funded companies with best-of-breed CRM. We have an order book going forward two years with similar projects.

There's one great reason why venture capitalists (VCs) love SuiteCRM. Cost efficiency.

VCs are generally very smart people with a singular focus on making money from their portfolio companies. The top quartile VC funds generate returns of > 30% consistently. That takes real talent.

Venture money is not long-term money. The aim is to invest in a company’s balance sheet and infrastructure until it reaches a sufficient size and credibility so that it can be sold at a profit, usually within 3 to 5 years.

VCs invest. They invest in the parts of their portfolio companies that are going to yield the greatest return on investment. They don't waste money. VCs build lean machines. They don't like fat. Fat is wasteful. They don't do fat.

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SuiteCRM and GDPR

At SalesAgility, the driving force behind SuiteCRM, we welcome the EU's General Data Protection Regulation, also known as GDPR, which brings back the ownership of personal data to the people. GDPR perfectly aligns with our Open Source philosophy, which is about giving freedom to the users.

Will SuiteCRM be GDPR ready?

Yes! SuiteCRM will be your perfect alliance to be GDPR compliant, in a clear and transparent way. Let’s go over the most important points within the GDPR and how SuiteCRM solves them for you.

1. Consent

You must record that the lead has given you consent to be inserted in the CRM. The flexibility of SuiteCRM allows you to implement a double opt-in process, and records activity and history (notes and attachments, like emails), providing you with an effective audit trail for each individual.

2. Right to object

When you use SuiteCRM for direct marketing campaigns, an individual has the right to object to this. With SuiteCRM you can create a simple custom field that records if a lead objects to this. Additionally, campaign emails sent via SuiteCRM include an opt-out link. If the Lead/Contact clicks that link, then the system will mark them as opted-out and prevents them from being sent any new campaign emails.

3. Access requests and processing personal data

Personal data is all data related to an individual, which includes the lead data, but also, if applicable,  contact, account & opportunity data, notes etc. SuiteCRM allows you to create a report to export all that information.

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Oops .. we were using some proprietary software!!

I used to take great pleasure in telling prospective clients that we ran the business with only one bit of proprietary software. Everything else was open source. The one bit of proprietary software we had was a product called "Windows" and we needed it to test our Outlook plugin.

The point we were illustrating was that you can run a complex business that trades internationally without using proprietary software.

I was wrong about using only one proprietary application though. We were using another. But not any more. We've learned our lesson, moved on and put the mistake behind us.

We were also using JetBrains' PHPStorm as our Integrated Development Environment (IDE). PHPStorm is proprietary software. For non-engineering types, an IDE is a software application that assists software engineers to develop, debug and maintain software.

JetBrains used to have a scheme whereby they gave free licences to open source projects.

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PHP code injection using an image in popular open source CRM systems [0-day]

Or, "a lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on" (Winston Churchill).

The headline was the subject of a blog post last week and referred to alleged vulnerabilities in SuiteCRM.

Let's just tackle this head on: There is no vulnerability to be addressed here. This is a sensationalist article. It is irresponsible, duplicitous and mendacious.


There is a protocol for reporting vulnerabilities that all responsible technology companies follow – you alert the authors of the software first to give them time to fix the flaw. If they don't fix it, then you go public. In a bid to gain headlines, this idiot flouted that protocol. Dumb move. Even dumber move is that there is no truth in his sensational headline. He's a dumb, attention-seeking, malevolent, unprofessional fool.


One question is “what's the motive for this?” The answer is straightforward: Yetiforce has a forked version of Vtiger, a second rate open source CRM, that they publish under an open source license that is not recognised by OSI (Open Source Institute). They have little traction and less credibility. By publishing slanderous claims against established and properly constituted open source projects, they hope to gain publicity. They probably have, so maybe it's job done for them in the short term. But this is a marathon and not a sprint.

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The world's large companies implement open source CRM

What do the one of the world's largest auto and truck parts manufacturer, the world's largest manufacturer of simulation products for automotive and aerospace, the world's largest liquid chemicals logistics company, one of the world's largest power companies and the world's largest supplier of speciality dyes to the textiles industry have in common?

If you read the headline to this article, then you'll already know the answer. They have all opted for the open source SuiteCRM application for their strategic global CRM requirements.

In each of the selection processes, SuiteCRM was competing against the major vendors. Typically Salesforce, Microsoft, Oracle and SAP. Somewhat ironically, SugarCRM was also in the early mix for two of these implementations but, as we are increasingly finding, they drop off the selection list early in the process.

Each of the implementations is global in reach, strategic in intent, multi-language, multi-currency, contains complex and extensive business process modelling and has a large user base.

Technology alone doesn't win business. The enterprise is demanding of its suppliers (rightly so). The project had to demonstrate that it had the people, processes, understanding, experience and the capability to deliver. That we won the business and delivered the projects on-time, to-specification and to budget strongly suggests that it does.

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Salesforce - The Great Escape

The home of the SuiteCRM project has been kept very busy over the last year doing Salesforce to SuiteCRM migrations for a number of mid-range enterprises.

The primary reason for Salesforce to SuiteCRM migrations is a value one. The clients we have migrated recognised Salesforce for what it is – commoditised and overpriced business logic. Their common concerns included lack-lustre support, regular requests to add users and the resulting impact on spiralling license costs, and constant up-selling pressure from Salesforce.

The attractions of SuiteCRM were obvious. A mature and enterprise-class open source CRM application supported by a mature and enterprise-class vendor. They had all done the sums. ROI for a migration could be measured in months and the ongoing TCO reduction is 80-90%. The impact on both Capex and Opex delights Chief Financial Officers.

The ability to scale users with no license cost implications means that CRM can be extended into any area of business that has a customer touchpoint. Support for SuiteCRM is world-class and there are no more high-pressure, commission driven sales calls.

The free and open source SuiteCRM does what Salesforce does. It does it just as well. As with all large, mature and fully featured software applications, it does it slightly differently, but the core processes and core functionality are broadly the same. However, application migrations are complex projects that require careful analysis, planning and execution. A typical migration will involve a team of three of four Senior Engineers, Business Analysts, Project Managers and Test Engineers over several months.

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What is SuiteASSURED?

SuiteASSURED is SuiteCRM for organisations who operate compliance driven environments or who require additional software assurances or intellectual property warranties that are not provided with SuiteCRM.

SuiteASSURED has been developed to provide surety to enterprise-class customers and other large organisations installing, customising and driving value from the open source SuiteCRM software application.

The launch of SuiteASSURED has generated some confusion and even some controversy within the community. We would like to provide further assistance and clarity by providing answers to a series of community members’ questions.


What is SuiteASSURED?

SuiteASSURED is separately maintained from SuiteCRM. Although they share the same core codebase, some of SuiteCRM's features identified as insufficiently mature or experimental are removed. SuiteASSURED also undergoes separate internal and third party security and penetration testing. SuiteASSURED has specific guarantees, warranties and indemnities included that are not available to SuiteCRM users.

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SugarCRM Community Edition EOL doesn't mean the end of your CRM

The EOL spells the demise of this once inspirational application, however, don't worry, you won't need to rush out and upgrade to SugarCRM Professional quite yet.

Here are facts you need to know:

SugarCRM CE – SugarCRM Community Edition is one of the longest standing Open Source CRM applications. In 2013/2014 it was announced that SugarCRM would no longer be releasing Open Source versions of the community edition, it would be a bug fix only. So, for the last 3 years there have been no new features, innovations or version releases, just security and bug fixes.

What does EOL mean? End-Of-life means that the specific version of the software will no longer be supported or maintained by its authors. Once the EOL date has passed (15th of July 2107) Sugar will no longer provide any updates or support for the product.

As of July this year, if you find a bug you have three options: live with the bug, hire a programmer to fix it for you or migrate to a supported CRM application.

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Reviewing the up and coming SuiteCRM 7.9

SalesAgility have been the drivers and innovators of SuiteCRM which has made it one of the most downloaded open source CRM applications in the world. Within this period, the SuiteCRM product team brought us “Campaigns” email module. In today’s world a dynamic email marketing suite has become an important part of any CRM and marketing function. In this blog, I will give you the run down on the new features you can expect to see in the next release – SuiteCRM Version 7.9. This release is weighted towards vast improvements to the “Campaigns” and updating the “Emails” module. As well as addressing bugs from prior releases there is an extensive list of tweaks and improved functionality. Here are just some of highlights of what you can expect to see in this release. New and Responsive Email Client

1. New design for SuiteP - see our screenshots

2. Use the new Filters to search for Imported and non Imported Emails

3. Compose directly via Email's list view with responsive pop-up window

4. Improved HTML support

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SuiteCRM Release Long Term Support Cycle

SalesAgility are now releasing a long term support cycle to provide users with a firm commitment to the future development of SuiteCRM. This commitment could not be more timely. LTS will provide confidence to those users where SuiteCRM is now a critical part of their businesses infrastructure. This is in contrast to the end of life cycle of the SugarCRM CE which is set for 15th July 2017In the past, fast release cycles allowed us to quickly innovate and have served us well for the past couple of years. However this also hampers our ability to tackle the bigger more substantial issues that we wanted to resolve. SalesAgility believe the commitment to a LTS strategy is a monumental step forward. It will ensures that SuiteCRM will deliver much needed stability to its customers.Key Points

• We are introducing a more lengthy release cycle of 6 months – guarantee 2 major releases a year. • Long Term Support SuiteCRM versions every 18 months, providing a total of 27 months of support. • LTS versions will overlap the previous LTS by at least 9 months beginning with v7.8.x as our first LTS version. •The LTS support will include 21 months of full support, which includes major and critical bug fixes, security fixes and any issues introduced by new browsers. After 21 months this level will reduce to only security fixes. • As 7.8.x will be our first LTS we have extended the support until May 2019

SuiteCRM has to move with the times. A LTS strategy will help in the quest to become the most used CRM application in the world. We feel that committing to a LTS strategy allows us to build on the success of SuiteCRM in the past and to deliver a long term strategy to ensure the continued growth of SuiteCRM and to its future.

In line with the overall strategic progress of SuiteCRM and in response to requests from a number of industries, we will also be soon be releasing information about a warranted version of SuiteCRM.

To access the full LTS cycle please click here

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The True State of Open Source CRM

I get irritated reading the many poor quality articles about open source CRM. They’re usually written by technology journalists without detailed knowledge of either open source or CRM, by bloggers who just want to get a thousand words and a few thousand hits, or by third parties with a dog in the fight who want to deflect from the emergent threat of open source to their cosy proprietary world. Generally they are inaccurate, poorly researched or misinformed.

It’s worthwhile reflecting on the reasons for the poor quality of information on open source CRM. In the case of the ecosystem of technology sites dependent on the advertising revenue they generate from major vendors, it’s fairly obvious: You don’t bite the hand that feeds you. In the case of bloggers, it’s generally a lack of true understanding about either open source or CRM. Both are complex areas with deep nuances. Surface skimming rarely brings insight to the subjects.

So, I decided to write an authoritative article. Before I start, let me state my background and declare the dog that I have in the fight: I have been immersed in open source CRM for twelve years and I run SalesAgility, the open source consultancy responsible for SuiteCRM, probably the world’s leading open source CRM.

Warning: I like to say what I think. If you are easily offended by subjective opinions, then perhaps you should stop reading now.

Without further ado and with the gloves firmly off, let’s take a look at the contenders:

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SuiteCRM's Latest Release 7.8 Now Includes Workflow Calculated Fields

With the new release of SuiteCRM Version 7.8, SalesAgility continue to innovate on their award-winning open-source Customer Relationship Management (CRM) application. The headline-grabber in this release is the inclusion of Workflow Calculated Fields functionality, pushing SuiteCRM firmly into the functional scope of the proprietary monoliths like SAP, Microsoft Dynamics and Salesforce.

The code for Workflow Calculated Fields was donated by SuiteCRM's long-standing German partner, Diligent. It is a tangible demonstration of the benefits of open source: Core functionality can be appreciably extended in partnership with the open source community and ecosystem that surrounds a project. All the major open source projects (Linux, Apache, OpenStack) benefit from external contributions and SuiteCRM is increasingly becoming established as one of those major projects.

Sascha Krause, Managing Director of Diligent commented: “As one of SuiteCRM's original partners, Diligent has contributed to the success of the award-winning open source CRM application through various developments and code contributions in recent years. Diligent is now especially proud to donate "SweeterCalc" to the SuiteCRM community; a powerful tool for calculated fields within the scope of workflows. "SweeterCalc" leads to a major extension of the SuiteCRM functionality and offers users numerous new ways to automate processes in SuiteCRM.”

The inclusion of “SweeterCalc” functionality into SuiteCRM provides users with the ability to calculate field values, add up values, set a text value based on multiple other fields values and more. It also enables the automation of other processes in SuiteCRM which further increase and improve user interactivity and efficiency.

Greg Soper - CEO of SalesAgility; the authors of SuiteCRM – added: “We are delighted that such a powerful tool as “SweeterCalc” is now integrated into our core product. The donation of the source code from the Diligent Team shows their commitment to the success of SuiteCRM project and we're really grateful for this and for all the other contributions and bug fixes our community provides."

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SugarCRM Community Edition - a tale of redemption

I feel like I just discovered that my favourite old-time movie star became a broken, shambling, drink-soaked and bitter old person. It’s a time for remembering them as they were in their prime and for regretting that they never always shone as brightly as they once did.

I run a software consultancy and my broken, shambling old movie star is an open source software application called SugarCRM Community Edition. There was a period when it was one of the most used Customer Relationship Management applications globally. For about half a dozen years my company (SalesAgility), were one of the most active SugarCRM Community Edition consultancies in the world. We loved it and the love was reciprocated. We were active in the community support forums (in a community of half a million people, we were one of the five most active posters globally).

We wrote some great solutions for some great customers. We formed friendships with customers that endure to this day. We contributed code, bug fixes, time, ideas and passion to the project. We had customers from the startup to the enterprise and all points between. We travelled the world. We grew. It was hard work but it was open source and the possibilities were seemingly endless.

Then, in October 2013, SugarCRM announced that they were abandoning open source and Community Edition. Support would continue until an undefined date but there would be no more functional updates. They have now announced that date and it’s April 2017.

Today, some three years and a couple of months since that original announcement,   SugarCRM Community Edition, even in it's most up-to-date version, has multiple vulnerabilities. Vulnerability and static code analysis scans suggest that users should be very concerned. It’s going to get worse. As the software languishes, more vulnerabilities will emerge. Today, a smart attacker can compromise either the application, the server it’s running on, or both. Tomorrow, it will probably be easier to attack.

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SuiteCRM in 2017 and beyond

The traditional model for growing a global business includes acquiring and consuming your competitors. It’s a fast way to increase market share and decrease competition.But what happens when you have a competitor that is fast consuming your business but can’t be acquired?That’s the dilemma facing Salesforce, Microsoft, Oracle and the other major CRM vendors. We did a quick calculation that SuiteCRM had created a $9bn hole in the CRM marketplace. As the article properly states, it could be more and it could be less. But what is certain is that the hole is growing and it’s growing rapidly.Our aim is for 500,000 downloads in 2017. If each was monetised in the way suggested in the original article, that creates an $18bn hole. A very small portion of that sum makes its way back to the SuiteCRM projects through consulting, support and bespoke development revenues. Those revenues are invested in growing the development team and improving the product. Improving the product and growing the team means more software of a higher quality will be released as open source.It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy. Increased downloads translates to more revenue that is invested in more software released as open source. This in turn leads to more downloads. It’s an upward vortex that is consuming the air that proprietary vendors breathe.Traditionally there would be a swift end to this problem. Acquire SuiteCRM and shut it down. But SuiteCRM is open source. It is a many-headed Hydra. If you cut off one head, another two heads will appear. The code will be forked. You can’t kill an idea.Here at the SuiteCRM project we are naked in our ambition. We want to be the most deployed, most loved and most engaged CRM application on the planet. We will achieve that by adhering to our core belief that open source is in the best long-term interest of our customers and of the computer industry. We have pledged on countless occasions that every line of code released by the project will be open source and we are happy to restate that here.Open source stimulates greater innovation for customers as budgets are freed from the heavy burden of costly licences. Open source stimulates higher quality software as tens of thousands of developers pour over the source code finding, reporting and fixing bugs. Open source creates greater ecosystem innovation as creative engineers have access to the source code and extend the functionality in imaginative ways that increase the attraction of the core product. The open source ecosystem based on open code and open standards naturally lends itself to self-reinforcing integrations so that SuiteCRM becomes a platform with integrations to the rich world of open source collaboration suites, ERP applications, marketing automation, billing and pricing, e-commerce and the myriad of other rich open source solutions that are emerging. The question many people will ask is “What’s in it for you?”.The answer is simple. We’re growing a great company. It will never be a behemoth like Salesforce or Microsoft. The lack of licence revenue will ensure that. But it will create high quality jobs for thousands of software engineers, consultants, systems integrators, innovators and others. Some of these will be employed by the project. Most will be created in the greater open source ecosystem.

The SuiteCRM project is creating a different kind of company. We have a value system that is customer-centric. It is based on the understanding that open source creates companies that must have customer care at the centre of every engagement point. From consulting to support and everything between. We have a vision of 100% customer retention. Ultimately we won’t achieve it, it’s an impossible dream. But the values that sustain the vision, uphold the service levels we deliver to our customers.Dream big, think long-term.I’ll conclude with my favourite quote of the year, from a biography of Ghenkis Khan:“Move with haste. Slowly”.

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The Forrester Wave CRM report and why you can’t trust it

This morning, my Linked in folder contained an email from Bpm online offering me a free copy of Forrester’s Q4 CRM Suites for mid size companies. According to Wikipedia, Forrester is “an American independent technology and market research company that provides advice on existing and potential impact of technology, to its clients and the public”.I have very strong reservations about these “independent” technology research companies. Forrester is the smallest of the three major firms (Gartner & IDC are the market leaders). High on the list of criticisms of all three is the opaque link between their commercial relationship with the companies they review during their “independent” research and the resulting review. Put bluntly, it has been suggested that the more money that a vendor spends commissioning “independent” reports, the higher their eventual review score are likely to be.They also have a history of getting it spectacularly wrong. Gartner, in 2006, stated that “Apple should quit the hardware business”. How did that particular bit of advice work out?Enough about my cynicism of about “independent” research firms and onto the Forrester report. Neatly titled “Forrester Wave: CRM Suites for Midsize Organizations, Q4 2016”, it contains 36 pages of research focused on “11 CRM solutions worthy of consideration by midsize organizations”.It contained all the usual suspects – Salesforce, Dynamics, Oracle, SAP etc. It did not contain SuiteCRM. No surprises there (even though SuiteCRM is among the most deployed CRM solutions globally). We don’t commission any “independent” research from any of these firms.It did however contain SugarCRM. It was at this point that my jaw dropped a little.Before I explain why, just consider that these research companies position themselves as authoritative experts. They “research” using some of the finest minds in the industry in order to produce high value trustworthy output. That’s the theory anyway.So, onto the SugarCRM part of the report. It starts: “SugarCRM’s open source model — unique among vendors we evaluated”.Hold it right there. There were 5 analysts working on this report and reports are apparently peer reviewed before being released. And yet they still produce rubbish like this. It is three years since SugarCRM abandoned open source and this report states that their open source model is “unique”. There is nothing open source about SugarCRM’s model. They are a run-of-the-mill proprietary vendor.They did produce one sentence which I wholeheartedly agreed with. In the preface they stated:“The landscape of CRM solutions has matured and converged as a result of merger and acquisition activity. These vendors offer solutions replete with features and functions. Every vendor can just about tick every box”. Which summarises quite neatly the SuiteCRM proposition. When “every vendor can just about tick every box”, we’re in commoditised business logic territory. Customers can acquire any one of these CRM applications confident in the knowledge that they are paying to enter the walled garden of proprietary vendor lock-in.Forrester and the other research companies need to wake up to the fact that the world has moved on from their world view of proprietary and predatory software vendors. Today’s customers have the choice of engaging with open source solutions like SuiteCRM that are replete with features and functions that can just about tick every box. They choose to do so in increasing numbers.As the business leader at one of our large globally-scaled customers said, “SuiteCRM is a game changer”. What he meant was that he was able to acquire enterprise-class CRM business logic, deploy to his own infrastructure, modify the application to suit the business processes and have complete control over every point of the lifecycle. They don’t pay any license fees, they enjoy a close and supportive relationship with the SuiteCRM project and the cost of their 800 seat global deployment is staggeringly low. Greater control, complete freedom, great software, access to the source code and world-class vendor support.Now, that’s unique and that’s game changing. It’s a box no other vendor in the Forrester list can tick.

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The 9 billion dollar hole in the CRM market and how we caused it

I have no way of measuring accurately the veracity of the $9bn figure above. It may be more than $9 bn. It may be less. I am happy to share how I arrived at it.

SuiteCRM is a completely free open source, enterprise-class CRM. In the last 12 months SuiteCRM project has enjoyed more than 240,000 downloads directly from the project website.

What we cannot tell is what happens with those downloads.

Is one person downloading SuiteCRM 1,000 times and distorting the figures up?

Or is one person downloading SuiteCRM once, deploying it 1,000 times and distorting the figures down?

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SalesAgility and Apperta release SuiteCRM NHS Edition

Today SalesAgility and the Apperta Foundation announced their partnership to deliver SuiteCRM NHS Edition. Based upon the award winning open source SuiteCRM application the enterprise ready CRM application is now available on the Apperta Github for general use across the NHS, Local Authorities , health and care related sectors.

Led by clinicians, the Apperta Foundation is a not-for-profit, non-dividend paying Community Interest Company that brings open products and services to market that truly transform the delivery of care for professionals and people.

Bill Aylward, Chair of the Apperta Foundation CIC commented “The partnership between SalesAgility and Apperta will ensure that NHS organisations can quickly and effectively deliver an out of the box, highly functional, open source CRM solution.”

SuiteCRM is an award-winning enterprise-class, powerful, customisable, free and open source Customer Relationship Management (CRM) application maintained by SalesAgility. Some of the world's largest companies are choosing SuiteCRM in preference to the last generation of applications. SuiteCRM delivers the same functionality with greatly reduced deployment costs and as every line of code is open source its completely free to use. SuiteCRM won the BOSSIE Award in both 2015 and 2016 for the world's best Open Source CRM

Based on the most recent version of SuiteCRM, the SuiteCRM NHS edition is fully customisable to suit the needs of any individual health organisations and departments. The application is open source and so is freely available to download, distribute and modify, without any charge, saving thousands on users subscriptions which are charged by most CRM applications. SalesAgility, the authors and maintainers of SuiteCRM are G-Cloud 8 approved suppliers.

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