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This is the cutting edge version of SuiteCRM. We always recommend to take a backup of your production before proceeding with any upgrade. Help us identify/resolve bugs or offer suggestions by contributing via our Bug Tracker or visit our Forums. Your input helps the project and communtity!

SuiteCRM 7.9.9

Pure SuiteCRM. Nothing hidden. Everything to play with.

SuiteCRM 7.9.9 Upgrades

Upgrade to SuiteCRM 7.9.9

Univention App

The Univention App Center is the marketplace in Univention Corporate Server (UCS), an enterprise operating platform for infrastructure and identity management.

Looking for the latest stable long term support version? Download SuiteCRM 7.8.10 LTS

SuiteCRM 7.8.10 LTS

Pure SuiteCRM. Nothing hidden. Everything to play with.

SuiteCRM 7.8.10 LTS Upgrades

Upgrade to SuiteCRM 7.8.10

Release Notes


New Outlook Plugin Now Available


Migrate from SugarCRM

SuiteCRM and SugarCRM are 100% compatible.

As long as any customisations you have done in SugarCRM are upgrade-safe (contact us if you're not sure), then with a couple of clicks and 5 minutes, you can upgrade from the limited functionality in SugarCRM Community Edition to the glorious world of fully-featured SuiteCRM.