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7 Reasons why you need CRM Champions

7 Reasons why you need CRM Champions

Implementing CRM is not like turning on a light switch. It's not black and white, it's not instant results and it's not just about technology. It's about people, processes and change. Once a new CRM implementation goes live you can improve adoption, awareness, feedback and usage by appointing internal CRM Champions.

CRM champions take responsibility for the operational implementation of CRM in your business. To achieve CRM success, you should consider who in your business would be most suitable to take on the Champion role. Who are the key influencers? Who are the smart people that get things done in your business?
Find them, appoint them, give them extra training and a direct line to the CRM support helpdesk. They are key to embedding CRM in your business.

Here are the 7 reasons why CRM champions are important factors in successful CRM implementations.

1. Better decision making

With CRM champions, your business can execute decisions quickly and effectively. Champions lead, listen, support and nurture. They also ensure that best practice is followed and give rapid feedback on change requirements.

2. Higher levels of engagement

CRM champions will create a more positive engagement within your teams, thus encouraging productivity. When staff members have support, internally and externally, they are more likely to engage positively as a team and this creates a continuous cycle between staff members.

3. Reduced costs

If any issues arise in the team, the CRM champions can deal with them instead of it being sent to external support. A shorter decision and execution chain reduces costs and reduces dependencies on third party organisations.

4. Increased knowledge

CRM champions have increased knowledge of your business, its products, its process and customers. They also know how CRM aligns with them. Knowledge applied to need assists with identifying new solutions, how to reduce costs and where improvements can be made to position the company better and increase growth.
The higher the quality of the information you capture, the better informed your decisions will be when you need to mine it for information to support executive decisions.

5. Increased employee satisfaction

It's a virtuous circle: As the Champions deal with all issues related to CRM's processes, this enables them to identify issues at any early stage and deal with them quickly and efficiently. High quality support from Champions leads to an increase in employee satisfaction, an increase in adoption and an increase in quality of information.

6. Failure is reduced

When companies appoint CRM champions, the chances of failure are reduced when compared to those who don't. A CRM champion enables your business to get better results by engaging with the CRM processes and users closely.

7. One point of contact

When your business appoints CRM champions, they become the point of contact for all issues employees encounter with CRM. This can help identify what the issues may be before they become major ones, to allow the champion to act quickly to solve the issue.


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Tuesday, 12 December 2017
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