SuiteCRM Analytics

A fully Open Source and completely extendable BI platform comprised of two major components; Data Integration & Web Analytics using Visual Design Tools.

What is SuiteCRM Analytics?

The new, ready-to-use business analytics platform, SuiteCRM Analytics is a fully Open Source and free-to-download solution which was built using Pentaho BI Suite Community Edition and will provide SuiteCRM users the ability to launch, administer and customise their own BI platform and is completely extendable. SuiteCRM Analytics is comprised of two major components; SuiteCRM Data Integration and SuiteCRM Web Analytics.

  • SuiteCRM Data Integration
  • SuiteCRM Web Analytics

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SuiteCRM Data Integration

SuiteCRM Data Integration is an Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) solution. It connects to any SuiteCRM instance, extracts source data from the MySQL/ MariaDB database and loads it into a Data Warehouse which has been optimised for analytical functions. SuiteCRM Data Integration can be installed as a stand-alone solution and can be used with other reporting tools if desired.

The fully extensible foundation solution extracts data only from SuiteCRM and embraces other third party data sources for complete data mashups. For example, users could pull in weather data from a meteorological site, historical sales data from ERP and compare it against global and regional sales account performance data in SuiteCRM to gain deeper insights into customer behaviour.


  • Open Source
  • Optimised for Performance
  • Visual UI for developing and adding third party data sources
  • Data Extraction Scheduling
  • Data Warehouse Schema

SuiteCRM Web Analytics


SuiteCRM Web Analytics is a web based analysis and reporting frontend that allows users to explore data in the Data Warehouse that has been extracted from SuiteCRM and third party data sources.

Users are able to log into the web portal to run, filter data or schedule reports. The web portal provides the ability to import new reports and dashboards created using Pentaho powerful CTools and Report Designer. Reports can support a number of different visual charts and output types such as HTML, PDF and Excel.


  • Web Based Frontend
  • Security and Permissions
  • Pixel Perfect Reporting
  • Multiple output types like HTML, PDF, Excel
  • Advanced Charting
  • Visual Report Designer
  • Schedule Distributed Reporting via Email


  • Web Based Frontend
  • Web Based Dashboard Designer
  • Highly Customisable
  • Responsive Dashboards for Mobile
  • Drill down charts


  • Open Source
  • Optimised for Performance
  • Visual UI for developing Adding third party data sources
  • Data Extraction Scheduling
  • Data Warehouse Schema
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Upcoming Features

  • Additional Reports
  • Additional Dashboards
  • Additional Modules (Data) Extracted from SuiteCRM
  • Historic Data Tracking
  • Fully Responsive Web Portal for Mobile
  • Dashboard & Report Marketplace
  • Automated Updates
  • On Demand Dashboard Design (Using third party plugin)
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