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The project will always assist all users of SuiteCRM to successfully implement the application.

Smaller organisations who may not be able to afford professional services can access world class knowledge and expertise in the Community Forums.

Larger organisations, more accustomed to working with professional services companies, can also engage with the project secure in the knowledge that the project is aligned with their objectives too.

How we can help make your project successful

SuiteCRM development is funded from implementation project revenue - Clients engaging directly with the project for assistance in implementing SuiteCRM successfully. The revenue from these engagements funds the development of the code that is then released as open source. By engaging with the project, you are helping to ensure the future roadmap development, code stability, community support and project innovation. You are also engaging with the people who design, build and maintain SuiteCRM. We're an ISO9001 accredited software consultancy  focused solely on the success of SuiteCRM.

With experience of more than 300 successful CRM engagements globally, we can engage in many ways:


The virtuous circle

The revenue from client projects funds the full-time development team that is driving SuiteCRM forward.

By engaging with the project to make your SuiteCRM project successful, you are investing in the future of your own software. The more client projects we do, the more code the product team can develop, the more bugs they can fix, the more innovation they can introduce - and it all gets released as open source and is available to you. The more you do with us, the more we do for you.

If you need assistance to ensure SuiteCRM project success, then please contact us.