New SuiteCRM SuiteP Colours

Many thanks for all your feedback on the SuiteP theme that we launched in 7.7.0. It's fair to say that the reception has been overwhelmingly positive.

We've taken your suggestions on board too. In the next release (7.10, due in November 2017), we'll be launching a few colour variants of the SuiteP theme that will be selectable on by user preference. We're also going to reduce the padding and white space in SuiteP to make it more compact.

Here's a preview of the new colour schemes. We haven't completed the prototypes with the new spacing and padding so please bear with us. Once we have some previews, we'll update this page.

Your feedback is important to us. Thanks to your positive commitment we're able to change and adapt. We'd be pleased to hear what you think about these changes.