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SuiteCRM 7.10

This document outlines the initial draft of features proposed of SuiteCRM 7.10 with the Release Date of 18th December 2017

Release Goals

The key goals of this Release are:
  • Stability
  • Bug Fixing
  • Alignment with SuiteCRM 8 Phase 1
  • Establish automated testing and unit testing
  • No new unnecessary Features
  • Feature Improvements

Product Backlog

This has been grouped from the MUSTs of the initial Features which closely align with the SuiteCRM 8 release goals.


Product Stability

  • Resolve > 300 number of Github Issues (306 currently labelled as bug -Fixed Proposed)
  • New Suite of Unit Tests
  • Add Selenium Support

API v8 – Phase 1

  • Develop new version API that will provide the same methods used in previous API versions (search, create, delete etc)
  • Develop new web services to provide usable results for front end execution with selected framework.
  • Develop suitable skeleton front end prototype to confirm correct execution of front end results.


  • Include composer to the project to update and maintain third party libraries
  • Include either Bower/NPM for front end packages and maintain third party libraries

Share Records by Email to other CRM Users

AOR (Reports) Improvements

  • Resolve Bugs/Styling in Reports
  • Simplify UI (Tree Structure & Chart Colours)

Authentication Improvements

  • 2 Factor Authentication
  • Fail2Ban
  • Password Management
  • SAML

Notifications/Reminders Improvements

  • Improve performance
  • Add 'Close All' Reminders functionality

GDPR Compliance

Potential Features

SuiteP Editor

Enhance File Uploads

  • Separating Attachments into new module allow more modular approach to file uploading.

Multi- Select Fields

  • Convert them to Multi-select ComboBoxes
  • Provide fall-back for new ComboBoxes

User Management Improvements

  • Import Users including Security Groups

Generic Search Interface

  • Initial development to introduce a Search Interface

Groupware integration with Kopano

  • Documents and Web Conferencing via Kopano integrated with SuiteCRM

Internal and External Webchat

  • Integrate Mattermost for internal chat, record chat rooms and external customer service support.

Activity Log User Interaction

  • Provide Likes/Dislikes on Users Activity Logs

Campaign Enhancement

  • AB Testing
  • Auto Update for Target Lists

Survey Management

  • Create, Send out Survey forms via Campaigns and record feedback directly into SuiteCRM.
Visit Reports

Broadcast Teams

  • Inviting Groups of Users to Emails & Meetings etc

Notifications/Reminders Improvements

  • Language compatibility
  • Add Reminder functionality to Tasks
  • Add 'Completed' Notifications to Tasks

Further AOR (Reports) Enhancements

  • More Areas Reportable i.e. Campaign Logs
  • JSChart Lib support
  • Report Wizard

Improve Default Email Template Editor

  • Upgrade TinyMCE to latest version and reduce editor to essential functionality

File/Document integration with external partner

  • TBC – A document picker provided by Next Cloud
Threaded Update module extension (similar to Cases Update)
Sales Targets

Campaign Enhancements

  • Preview
  • Tracker Link Item
  • Default Column Template Configurations
  • Pre-header and Emoji in Subject Line

Multi-Select Tags

Group Views

  • System Administrators can create and define layouts to appear by User Group and by Record Type.
Dec 2017
  • New Frontend
  • New Rest Interface